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Python Check If List Contains. In this Article we will go through Python Check If List Contains using code in Python. This is a Python sample code snippet that we will use in this Article. Let's define this Python Sample Code: y = any(x in String for x in List) # Example. Feb 12, 2019 · The ‘in’ operator in Python can be used to check if a string contains another string. It returns true if the substring is present and it returns false if there is no match. Let us take a look at the below example. Here, we have a string variable named “original_string” and we are trying to see if the Python string contains another word ....

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Determine whether a String contains a Sub String. There are several ways to check whether a string contains given substring some of them are: Using in operator; Using not in operator; Using str.find() Using index() function; Method #1:Using in operator. The in operator is the most generic and fastest way to check for a substring in Python.

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How to check if python string contains substring. “in” and “not in” operators. case-insensitive match. Method 1: Using upper () or lower () Method 2: Using regex search. Check for substrings in strings using str.index () Check for substring in string using str.find () Use regular expressions (re.search) Match exact substring inside string.

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